Real Customer Reviews


I have literally never been so impressed with a wig before. This was my very first time ever ordering a wig from anyone. I had come across the Wigginit insta page for awhile, but I was scared to order so, I just kept getting traditional sew-ins. Then, quarantine happened and I realized I needed my hair done. I am SUPER impressed and now, Wigginit is the ONLY PLACE I WILL EVER GET WIGS FROM. This is what you call PROFESSIONAL and totally worth the price. I’m a Wigginit doll for LIFE❤️

- Arlene A.


I have been following wigginit on instagram for years. I finally decided to invest in one of their units. I typically wear sew ins and sometimes wigs from china. What took me soooo long?!? First, let's dicuss hair texture... IT IS UNMATCHED. Thehair texture is remarkable, it's so soft. I didn't even know wigs like this existed. It now makes sense! Hand construction and the level of expertise is something truly worth investing in. Thank you wigginit for giving me my moneys worth n some. You have a customer for LIFE.

- Tia B.


Ladies!!! You NEED this wig in your collection!! I absolutely love it! It looks super natural and the hair is so soft and beautiful. I got so many compliments, I couldn't even walk around for 5 minutes. I'm overjoyed!

- Maya R.